OZ Trip East Coast, part 2 – Port Douglas


3rd October, 2013

My skin is burning, though I shiver.

I got sunburnt despite a SPF 30, ’cause it’s been a while since I have spent a whole day on the beach.

My trip started yesterday, from Cairns, and after 60 km I stopped in Port Douglas. It took me three hours drive to get there, due to the stops I’ve made to shoot the panorama.

I wanted to go till Cape Tribulation, a place a bit further north, and then drive back south, but my car is not suitable for hilly tracks, so I “sadly” decided to stop here.

However, I can tell you something about Cape Tribulation, as I’ve already been there with my mates.


Cape Tribulation blog-2-05 copy

Far North Queensland is a beautiful land and Cape Tribulation is one of the wildest places I’ve seen so far. It’s a well known zone for nature lovers, as well as the nearby Daintree National Park, named from the river that flows in the Coral See, just a little bit south.

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In the 80’s these lands have been contended between conservatives and private corporations who cleared a large amount of forest for wood trade.

That focused the world attention to the problem of tropical forest safeguard, that later on became “World Heritage”.

During the 90’s a governmental authority spent more than 20 millions to buy lands from privates, adding them to the World Heritage site.

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Following, some numbers taken from the Lonely Planet:

Wet Tropic World Heritage Area covers about 900.000 hectares, and even if it seems to be huge it’s only the 0,01% of the entire australian territory.

Although, in this land you can find an endless and delicate ecosystem, where the 36% of all the species of mammal live, like 50% of species of birds, 60% of butterflies and 60% of ferns.

No wonder why locals try to do their best to teach visitors that human being is the most dangerous virus for this system , trying to educate them to take little precaution that could minimise the impact on the nature, like don’t leave garbage in the bush, don’t waste water, don’t use polluting products and book eco-certificated tours.

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South-East of the Daintree National Park, after crossing the river with the ferry, you find the Mossman Gorge, a grave dug by the Mossman River, perfect spot for a refreshing rest.

Few kilometres south and you’re back in the “civilised” world, in the small town of Port Douglas, renowned location for wealthy customers. This place is not backpackers friendly, although you find lots of young travellers along the famous Four Mile Beach for a daily trip.

Here I am, right now.

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I started to write this post on the shore, nearby a high ground above mangroves. Now I am in my car, writing on my block-notes with a head lamp, cause it’s already dark.

Shivers are gone, maybe thanks of the ton of aloe gel I put all over my body.

The plan for the night is quite simple: have dinner and go to sleep, but not in the usual way.

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For those who didn’t understand, I am not a tourist travelling with agencies and tour operator and sleeping in fancy places.

I am a traveller. That means thai I sleep in my car, I take showers on the beach and in rests areas along the highway, I cook my meals with a portable gas stove or in picnic areas.

my car snake

Australia, especially in Queensland, offers lots of facilities for those who, like me, wants to travel wild.

And I am happy doing this, I feel alive, strong, unstoppable. I am travelling around OZ, I sleep in a car worth like an iPhone and I am the happiest person in the world.

I realise that is not easy to understand what I am doing, and why. I would like to explain that this is not a trip with an end to itself. That’s an inner growth trip.

Now, I got time to think. That’s something that people take for granted. Stop everything and think is a luxury. That’s great how I am doing this, careless, with no rush.

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It took me a while to get what was happening around me, and now I am completely into it. This is a love story between this Country and me.

I am foolishly in love, and like in every good relationship I am enjoying every single moment with my partner.

I cannot stop thanking the faith to have brought me here.

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