7th October, 2013

I cannot really feel the estrangement yet.

My travel officially began on 1st October, but I spent few days nearby Cairns, which I left for good only the 5th.

After 70 km and some tears I stopped for a visit a the Josephine Falls, waterfalls born from the Josephine River, a creek arose at the top of Mount Bartle Frere.

josephine falls01

A fairy-tale landscape, I would say. Lot of others places should be visited, but time is short, and a months will run very quickly and won’t be enough to join all that Queensland has to offer.

along the highway 01 along the highway 03 along the highway 04 along the highway 07

Another 100 km and I go for a rest in Lucinda. I don’t know exactly why I stopped there, but for sure it’s been a good choice. First of all I found interesting the position of the town, at the entry of the Hinchinbrook Channel.

The small town, home of less than 500 souls, really worth a picture.

The beach was quite nice even if not suitable for bath, but the nicest thing was the 6km jetty, so long that seems to disappear in the ocean, destined to sugar transport that is the first economic source of Lucinda.

lucinda 02 lucinda 03 lucinda jetty

Since here I’ve done only few other stops to visit desert beaches, waterfalls and National Parks.

Seanders beach is absolutely noteworthy, not widely-known by tourist, fortunately. In fact I was the only lucky visitor.

sanders beach 03 sanders beach 02 sanders beach 01

After Seanders Beach I drove for few hours. 350 km of munching cows along the desert highway and I arrived in Townsville for a little taste of civilisation.

Unofficial capital of North Queensland, Townsville’s populated by a vibrating community that attracts tourist with its Strand, the long tropical beach, its museum, bars and a Luna Park, all framed by picturesque suburbs placed all along the surrounding hills.

townsville 02 townsville 04 townsville 05 townsville lagoon townsville01

Just the time to do the shopping and a nice walk along the Strand and I have enough of human being around me! In no time I’m back to the wild.

Keeping driving South, I noticed more cars than usual, due to the school holiday that fortunately are almost over. That brought lot of locals with they’re little ones around Queensland for a short trip.

The highway although cannot be defined as congested. Just look at the videos and the pictures that I post and you’ll see yourself…

along the highway 06

along the highway 05

Along the small and dusty road that connect the whole State from Cairns to NSW you can find many rest areas, in some of these there are prefabricated buildings assigned as bars where retired people offer coffee or tee to travellers.

My next stop is Airlie Beach, the smallest town with the largest amount of backpackers I’ve seen so far. There’s a simple reason for this gathering, I’ll tell you next time.

loundry day sunsise along the highway milky way

I give myself few days to take a rest here and finally check the pictures done along the road, and above all, to get tanned. In this very moment I’m at the Lion Park in Cannonvale, one mile south of Airlie Beach.

It’s just 7 am and it’s full of people walking dogs, smiling at me, set under a tree with a cup of tee in my hand. I got the feeling it’s gonna be a wonderful day.