OZ TRIP East Coast, part 4 – The Great Barrier Reef

14th October 2013

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It’s been several days since I left Airlie Beach. Days I spent mostly driving and sleeping, but the memory of that little village where I spent only three days, still remains alive in my head, especially for what this small town offers only a few kilometres away: I’m talking about the Whitsundays, the archipelago of 74 islands discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770.

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Except for some island where you can find 5 star resort at the modest price of $ 2,000 per night, most of them are uninhabited, perfectly intact and therefore a destination for adventurous tourists from around the world.

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Half an hour off the coast you meet the coral reef, which here really leaves you breathless. And it is here that we find the famous Heart Reef. As you can see from the photos, the aerial view is nothing but a masterpiece of nature.

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In the early morning I jumped on one of those light planes that look like toys, and you feel safe like you’re swimming next to bunch of sharks. Pretty awesome, though. I’ve seen more beauty in that flight than in my whole trip so far.

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Unfortunately, just before landing, my breakfast ended up in a plastic bag, but I gotta say it was worthy, after all.

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And since the exciting experience of a bouncing flight with a toy-plane wasn’t enough, I had the bright idea to embark on Big Fury, a huge rafting boat that brought off the coast of Hook Island to do snorkelling, then relax for a few hours on Whitehaven Beach, the most famous beach of the whole complex. Pretty crowded, the beach is still worth visiting, also if it’s only to touch his fine white sand.

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The day seemed like a long week. Although initially skeptical about making a daily tour, I was enthusiast then, though I would not have lasted a minute longer.

And from Airlie Beach I started my trip to reach Fraser Island, which is the largest sand island in the world with its 120 km long and 15 wide, where rainforest grows on the sand, to create a unique landscape.

I got here last night, after a short trip to Brisbane to get a 4WD.

The departure is scheduled in a few hours, when the tide is low enough to let me drive through the beach to catch the ferry to Fraser Island.

My stuff are already loaded in the car. I’m ready to go.

Good adventure to me.