One of the many things I love about Australia is the fact that we have so many Holidays so that I don’t even have to stress out at work to ask for a day off. Even though, I gave up on planning in advance, because like they say, shit happens, and I don’t know why, but usually, a lot of shit happens to me.

I wanted to go somewhere, but I didn’t know where and didn’t know how given the fact that I had to sell my car last year and now I deal with public transports; therefore, having friends with a car is very convenient, especially if they are nice enough to let you borrow it. After a quick glance at Google Maps I opted for Barrington Tops National Parks. I left on Thursday night after work, at 8pm, and drove until midnight. I had 60km to go, but I was tired, and it was really foggy outside, hence I stopped in a rest area and reached Gloucester River Campground in the early morning.

Barrington tops national park


Around 300km North-West of Sydney, Barrington Tops National Park is one of the oldest parks in NSW; some of its rocks have been dated from the Paleozoic Era, between the Devonian and  Carboniferous Period, from 410 to 290 million years ago. (read more about the geological time scale here).

Established in 1969, Barrington Top entered the list of World Heritage Sites in 1989 and in 2007 has been added to the Australian National Heritage List.

The Park was born from a volcano, and its landscape consists of sub-alpine wetland together with subtropical rainforest. A vast variety of flora and fauna can be seen, like the ringtail possum, the australian brush turkey, wombats, wallabies, and so on.

In the few days I spent there I took the chance to relax at first, but then I would spend my days wandering around the many short walks that the Park has to offer.

A must-do is certainly the Antarctic Beech Forest Walk, a wonderful trek that will take you to a fairy-tale landscape, where you will pass from snow-gums to Antarctic beech and eucalyptus trees.

After a rainy Good Friday, I found the perfect conditions for a photographic mushroom hunting hike around Gloucester River. Here is what I have seen, and please correct me if I got the wrong names!

If you plan a trip to Barrington Tops, check these two websites where you will find plenty of info, from activities to accommodations:

NSW National Parks and wildlife Service

Barrington Tops Tourism

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